Between the age of 11 and 15 is the most common time for orthodontic treatment. By 12 years old, most if not all of the permanent teeth have erupted with the exception of the wisdom teeth. By this time, crooked teeth, gaps and occlusal problems can be easily detected. These problems will hardly ever correct themselves, so this is when most parents decide to seek orthodontic treatment.

This is also a good time for orthodontic treatment because many negative associations with braces are not present. Many children with 11 and 15 years of age preferably choose to undergo orthodontic treatment due to the social aspect of it because most of their friends have braces as well.

Children at this age have high metabolisms, which can help shorten overall treatment time and reduce the discomfort of orthodontic treatment.

Call our office for a FREE examination. At this examination, we can determine the best time for treatment. An outline of the examination is as follows: the treatment plan, the treatment duration and the approximate cost for the treatment.



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